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"Carolyn Barrani invites you to indulge in the joys of fine Art Needlework Kits in Needlepoint, Crewel Embroidery, 'Fiber Candy'  Stitchery, and Counted Work such as Bargello and Counted Cross Stitch"

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 NEW!  A "Jacobean Dove "          Christmas Stocking!

  "Jacobean Fantasy"
 crewel purse or tablet cover kits

Or "Fire Truck"Stocking!
  in FIBER CANDY Crewel 
       (available after 9/25)

Our end of summer crewel
         " Floral Interlude"

With a Snowy Owl

Or prepare for Thanksgiving with a needlepoint Turkey!

Coming very soon......
"Witty Wanda" FIBER CANDY Crewel Kit!

Create a unique needlepoint plaid...

Or two.....


Home Page for Outstanding Art Needlework Kits in Needlepoint, Crewel, FIBER CANDY Embroidery, Counted Cross Stitch, and 'NO COUNT" Cross Stitch

Welcome to Carolyn Barrani's tapistree.com website:

The Tapis-Tree offers Fine Art Needlework Kits in Needlepoint,"Fiber Candy" Crewel Embroidery, Chain Stitch, Counted Cross Stitch, and Quickpoint, as well as Hand-painted Needlepoint canvases .          

Throughout history, needlework has provided a quiet refuge from the troubles of the world as well being an economical form of entertainment which, at the same time, provides a sense of accomplishment in providing elegant items of decor or embellishment of clothing.  Many a broken heart has mended while stitching the silken petals of a rose, and idle hands have been kept joyously occupied as a magnificent work of art has revealed itself beneath the rhythmic motions of a needle threaded with colorful fibers. Royalty and priests have been traditionally adorned in sumptuous robes encrusted with embroidery and precious metals, and most cultures of the world have their own customs of elegant embroidery, including the bullfighters of the Hispanic world who face death glimmering in heavy layers of purled gold and silk, the bejeweled elephants of India, and the intricately embellished hats, shoes and jackets of the children of China. 

In further practical use of hand embroidery no longer practiced, Carolyn Barrani spearheaded The New Elizabethan Embroidery Project in the United States for
George Washington's ancestral home in Sulgrave, England wherein elaborate new bedhangings for a 16th Century bed in the Grand Tudor Bedchamber were embellished with over 1000 needlepoint petite point "slips" rendered by volunteers between the United States and Great Britain

Carolyn Barrani studied needlework at the Elsa Williams' School of Needlework in Massachusetts and the Royal School Of Needlework in London, and has designed crewel and needlepoint for over 30 years, creating designs for major manufacturers in the industry as well as manufacturing her own kits including Needlepoint Kits and Crewel Stitchery Kits, for such national magazines as WOMEN'S DAY and FAMILY CIRCLE. Her designs have been featured by needlework magazines in both the United States and Great Britain. She brings to the field a fresh approach and innovative ideas, and is dedicated to the concept of needlework as a viable art form. In spite of popular trends, she is determined to explore design possibilities in wool embroidery, chainstitch and crewel kits, as well as Counted Cross Stitch and Counted Variation Stitch, variations on cross-stitch to make it more interesting for her and you. If you are looking for crewel embroidery kits or canvas work kits, you have come to the right place. 

NEW!  Carolyn has translated some of her most popular designs into Counted Cross Stitch kits, which you can find on the "Counted Work" page.

Also, we have found a source where you can see video demonstrations of embroidery stitches, to help those hesitant to try freeform embroidery or those who wish to refresh their memories of the stitches.

We hope that you find this collection of some of her needlepoint kits, quickpoint kits, hand painted needlepoint canvases  and stitchery and crewel kits to your liking and that you enjoy recreating the beauty of the original pillow or tapestry. To help you do that, we use only the finest materials, for your time is invaluable and the supplies you use should be worthy of the time you invest. In addition, many of the most popular designs are now available as hand-painted needlepoint mono canvas designs.

And, by popular demand, we produce four crewel themed Christmas stockings -- one which will mostly appeal to boys, twq for the girliest of girls, and one with more general appeal.  Each kit includes a tag to embroider with a design on one side and the name of your choice on the other, making it easy to exchange stockings or pass them down to new owners without destroying your original work! And guess what---a fifth stocking will be premiering soon, a Fire Truck Stocking!  We have designed the same tags for our new religious needlepoint and crewel Christmas stockings, but each of the needlepoint and crewel embroidery Christmas stockings also have a place within the design or at the top wherein your could insert a name should you not want the name tag.

The website now supports international orders!


When you select a page, you will see the word "Gallery"in a frame at the bottom of the page which will take you to the shopping cart from which you can see the designs available with small pictures next to them.  Click on the classification you are interested in and it will bring up another page with larger pictures.  If you click on any of these, you will see an even larger picture along with the description.  Click on that picture and it will make it even larger, then 2 small gray boxes with a (+) plus or minus (-) will appear at the bottom of the photo.  To enlarge further, click on the plus sign and manipulate the position of the enlargement by moving to the lower right hand corner where you will see arrows pointing in 4 directions. In addition, if you wish to see any of the designs super-enlarged, please call us toll-free or send us a note on the
Contact Page and we will e mail a jpeg of the designs you wish to see.

Welcome to the fascinating and entertaining world of the Tapis-tree! 


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