Unique Art Needlework for the Hand in Needlepoint Kits,  "Fiber Candy" Embroidery Kits, Crewel Kits,  Bargello Kits, and Counted Cross Stitch Kits

"Carolyn Barrani invites you to indulge in the joys of fine Art Needlework Kits in Needlepoint, Crewel Embroidery, 'Fiber Candy'  Stitchery, and Counted Work such as Bargello and Counted Cross Stitch"

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Great News!
Carolyn Barrani announces the translation of many of her most popular needlework designs into Counted Cross Stitch, four of which are shown to the extreme left, and now, for those of you who would welcome a break from counting, new "NO COUNT" cross stitch kits shown above.

NEW!  "NO COUNT" Cross Stitch

Stamped outline only on 11-mesh Aida even-woven fabric, the stitcher first establishes the outline in cross stitch by following the printed line, then simply fills in the remaining spaces with the colors indicated on the accompanying diagram.  Nothing could be easier!

Counted Cross Stitch

An entire design worked in just one stitch----the cross stitch----displays visual beauty easy to recreate by following a graph on Aida even-woven fabric with cotton floss.  Carolyn Barrani has transposed some of her stained-glass designs in cross stitch for those who prefer to count their projects.

Counted Variation Stitch

Art Needlework Kits designed to be worked on aida cloth,  a   fabric with an even weave so that it facilitates counting. The over 300 needlepoint  stitches can be applied to aida cloth, and we have used some of these stitches in our unique stitchery technique we call "Counted Variation Stitch" instead of exclusively using cross stitch, sometimes worked in wool and sometimes in cotton threads. Other needlecraft counted kitsworked on canvas, are included on the Needlepoint page which include Bargello (Florentine embroidery), plaids, Quickpoint Kits, and small charted needlepoint designs.

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