Unique Art Needlework for the Hand in Needlepoint Kits,  "Fiber Candy" Embroidery Kits, Crewel Kits,  Bargello Kits, and Counted Cross Stitch Kits

"Carolyn Barrani invites you to indulge in the joys of fine Art Needlework Kits in Needlepoint, Crewel Embroidery, 'Fiber Candy'  Stitchery, and Counted Work such as Bargello and Counted Cross Stitch"

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     FIBER CANDY Embroidery and Crewel Embroidery

A Chocolate heart for your loved one!

   Stitch a resplendent  floral or a stately row of Amaryllis...

Or more modern "Poppy Pizzazz" poppies!

Enjoy stitching our fetching "Sassy Cat"

Or render "Pinkie" from our Masterpiece Gallery Collection

Along with "Blue Boy"
Easy to work in simple stitches which mimic a line drawing.

  Jacobean design "Cambridge"

INTRODUCING "FIBER CANDY," a new term for modern freeform hand-embroidery which is more vibrant in color than traditional crewel embroidery and often uses a variety of textures and threads. Also known as stitchery, "FIBER CANDY" is a delectable feast for the eyes in innovative designs!

We have discovered a source for visual
demonstrations of embroidery stitches which can help those who are hesitant to try freeform embroidery, or those who wish to refresh their memories of the stitches. Simply click 
HERE and select the "How to Video" tab.

The general classification for
freeform hand-embroidery is art needlework worked in a variety of threads--embroidery directly on fabric with no even grid to follow, which enables the stitcher to create lovely, flowing lines not feasible in needlepoint or counted cross stitch. This technique includes crewel embroidery with wool. Our chain stitch kits, many of which mimic tiffany stained glass, and mosaic embroidery kits each use only one simple stitch, perfect for beginners and a comfortable transition from counted cross stitch. There are hundreds of stitches in embroidery and we explore some of them in our elegant stitchery kits and "fiber candy" crewel embroidery kits in a delightful combination of texture and color ranging from delicate pastels to festive bright pallettes. A crewel, crewel world is a world of beauty! 

Begin your winter stitching with reminders of the coming of spring with a wide aray of floral designs in chainstitch or other form of embroidery, sometimes using rayon threads along with wool, or start an Easter bunny piece.

We now have two "Fiber Candy" crewel Christmas stocking kits, each of which includes a separate name tag for easy transfering when the original owner no longer needs the stocking.  Each introduces many stitches in playful and exciting colors, enough to make a child dream of sugar plums, and they will be followed by three more designs, starting with "Gingerbear," a firetruck stocking, and a princess stocking!

Another addition to our crewel collection is our Christmas ornament kit, Cinderella Group, which is heavily embellished with crewel embroidery, metallic threads, floss, pearls, beads, and an array of sequins. Try needlecraft, it's easy to learn, exciting and satisfying!

If, however, you still prefer a grid to follow, check out our exquisite needlepoint designs in kit form or hand-painted on mono canvas, and if you want to follow a chart, see our quickpoint kits, plaid kits, and Bargello kits, as well as our Counted Work Kits on Aida cloth.

To view the full selection of FIBER CANDY and traditional crewel embroidery designs available and their prices in the shopping cart, click on the gallery frame below: